Zaatar – Lebanese Cuisine


“A common belief among the people in the Eastern Mediterranean is that Zaatar, the spice blend, makes the mind alert and the body strong.”

It’s always a refreshing and authentic experience when I walk into Zaatar, the Lebanese restaurant that is just on the opposite corner from Dianne.  They have created a wonderful ambiance by way of decor and music.  The service has consistently been warm,  welcoming and prompt, which is why this has become one of my go-to spots in the neighborhood.  There’s an obvious pride being taken in the food that is being prepared, as it is absolutely delicious and melts in your mouth.   My favorite meal thus far has been the Lamb Shawarma Salad which comes with fresh and delicious pita, and olive oil with sesame seeds to dip.  Top it all off with their incredible Turkish Coffee or Baklava for dessert, and you’re in for a treat.

Turkish Coffee.PNG


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