Dianne – Adding the Finishing Details

Angle Front 2

“When I saw the site, I thought, that’s a spot where I would want to live,” he said. “I’m very comfortable with that neighborhood. It has everything my wife and I would need looking down the road.” – John Carroll (Developer of Dianne)

It has been a wonderful journey with Dianne and we’re so glad to be open to the community, providing an excellent tour and living experience.  We did recently re-evaluate the paint color in the lobby, and have incorporated gold elements to better match the gorgeous terrazzo flooring and art deco features.  We are also currently working on some incredible custom pieces such as a banquette for the lobby, beaded window coverings, and a large geometric mirror piece for across from the elevators.  These design elements will definitely elevate the space and match the wow factor that our exterior already presents.   We have also started to prepare for our grand opening, which will be a Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties theme and have the staging of a Hollywood movie premiere.  Stay tuned for more details!




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